You Alright Mate? awareness programs

build on the prior impactful work of Jonny Benjamin and Neil Laybourn to share talks, educative workshops and exchanges which teach that shame and fear should not be associated with having mental health issues. As well, this campaign educates not only at risk individuals, but the communities and environments surrounding them, on how to recognize when there are mental health issues, what the steps to healing are and how to take those steps so that everyone can keep moving forward and prosper in an inclusive and supportive fashion.

YAM speakers have lived experiences that are emotionally potent, powerful, and yet these are stories that could be happening to your significant other, siblings, parents, colleagues, and so on.

YAM shares these experiences to “wake up” communities to the most modern approaches there are to helping people and groups acknowledge and prosper beyond crises.

The You Alright Mate? team is honored to educate and inspire your workplaces, homes and communities to gain knowledge they may not even have known they were missing.

The truth is, you can't fix a problem if you run from it. Only when "elephants in the room" are acknowledged, only when stigmas and fears are risen above, and only when there is true tolerance and acceptance for all of life's peculiarities, can true understanding be reached to make room for true healing and success.