Meet Elizabeth Sudler

Elizabeth Sudler, ACC, LCSW-R, CEAP has spent the last 25 years in corporate environments raising awareness and connecting the dots between behavioral health, performance, and employee wellbeing. She has held strategic roles in health and wellness divisions at Merrill Lynch and Goldman Sachs and designed and implemented an Americas resilience strategy for Goldman Sachs. As a senior leader at Magellan Behavioral Health and MHN/HealthNet, she had profit and loss responsibility for large clinical and call centers, one of which won a company-wide Distinguished Service Center of the Year for outstanding quality indicators.

She has coached senior and middle managers grappling with employee performance problems, and with their own concerns navigating high pressure environments. As a consultant, she has facilitated hundreds of classes among multiple industries in a wide variety of behavioral health topics, adjustment to major organizational or departmental changes, and executive impairment due to substance use and mental health conditions.

Elizabeth leveraged her performance coaching training and launched the first fee for service coaching program for US employees at Goldman Sachs corporate headquarters. Additionally, she developed customized resilience strategies and tactics to help employees increase self- awareness, enhance their focus and concentration through mindfulness and other meditation techniques, and incorporate resilience concepts in all levels of Goldman Sach’s leadership and development programs. Her work has been featured in Fortune and Bloomberg. She also authored a series of remedial work skills training programs published by the Children of Alcoholics Foundation.

She combines business experience with professional clinical and coaching skills to help motivated employees and leaders navigate complex systems, increase their personal power, and create higher functioning and more enjoyable work environments. Elizabeth has provided consultative and/or training services to Mental Health First Aid America, Simson Thacher, Dow Jones, Bloomberg, the US Army, US Coast Guard, Dunkin Donuts, Bank of America, Willis Towers Watson, B.F. Goodrich, Coca Cola, PwC, Oracle, EY, The New York Times, Coach, Carnegie Hall, World Bank, and others.